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Trust.Zone VPN review

Last updated on 01/03/2023 by Melvyn and co.


Trust.Zone is a handy yet affordable VPN, ideal for the privacy conscious user who’s passionate about top levels of VPN encryption and the promise of a zero logs service. Delivering pretty good connection speeds from 200+ servers spanning 43 countries, Trust.Zone has the capability to unblock your favourite content such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, supports unlimited P2P file sharing, and most importantly, keeps you safe online.

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Trust.Zone gets many things right as a VPN provider, but no more so than being perfect for those who wish to browse the web with total anonymity. Their setup provides robust IP address encryption and promises to keep zero logs, making it an ideal pick for the privacy conscious.

On top of privacy, it’s backed up by pretty handy connection speeds from its network of 200+ servers geographically spread across 43 countries worldwide, and has the ability to successfully unblock geo-restricted content from around the globe such as hidden Netflix libraries and BBC iPlayer with ease. Sticking to the topic of speed, users can stream content in HD/4K without any interruptions as well as torrent until their hearts are content with P2P activity supported across the entire Trust.Zone infrastructure.

Trust.Zone is ‘compatible’ with pretty much all current internet devices out there but it doesn’t get top marks for ease of use. With VPN apps presently only available on Android and Windows, all other platforms and devices require manual configuration which many users may find a bit cumbersome. Whilst completing these steps doesn’t require too much technical knowledge, we would advise beginners looking for a quick and easy ‘plug and play’ VPN application to consider other alternatives such as trying CyberGhost or NordVPN.


Trust.Zone offers a variety of subscription choices allowing users to make great savings should you opt to go for a longer-term plan. Plans are available on monthly or years (1 or 2) deals. Their 2 year plan represents the best value for money and is currently on special offer with 67% off when purchased through our website.

For payment Trust.Zone accepts all major debit and credit cards (including American Express), PayPal, Bitcoin (plus other cryptocurrencies) as well as PayPro Global which means Alipay, UnionPay and many more.

A nice little extra to note is that users can save an extra 10% by using Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies at checkout, and a totally free 3-day VPN trial (1GB usage allowance) is also available before purchase should you be unsure on committing longer term.

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  • Billed $8.88 every month

1 year plan

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  • Billed $39.95 every year

2 year plan

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  • Billed $55.99 every 2 years
SAVE 67%


Trust.Zone comes with all the essential VPN features we like to see as well as a robust security setup but it’s not as fully loaded as some of the bigger arguably more trusted names out there.

Its custom-built applications are well laid out and offer the VPN user a reasonable degree of configuration options to suit their individual requirements, but these are currently only available to Android and Windows users. Inside the app is an ‘auto select’ button which connects you to the fastest available VPN server with one click which is pretty handy for no-frills VPN protection, and dedicated servers for the likes of torrenting and streaming are clearly labelled for ease of use.

Another great feature they offer is the ability to purchase your own dedicated IP address at checkout for a small additionally fee from a list of 5 separate countries (the US, the UK, France, Germany and Australia) further enhancing the user VPN experience.

Their 200+ servers are spread across 43 countries and do offer some city level choice from popular locations such as the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and other European countries. Disappointingly, they currently offer just the 2 servers in South Africa and 1 in South America which is seriously limited for such large areas and we’d advise you look elsewhere should you live in one of those territories.

As mentioned above, Trust.Zone lacks some of the advanced features other premium VPN providers offer such as a massive selection of VPN server choices, split tunnelling, AdBlocker software as well as obfuscation technology meaning Trust.Zone does come across light on features when compared to similarly priced rivals.

Platforms and devices

Trust.Zone allow its users to protect 3 devices simultaneously as standard and this number rises to 5 devices should you opt for the longer 2-year subscription which we feel is a pretty fair if not overwhelming offering.

Their VPN applications are available on both Android and Windows operating systems but sadly at present they do not have dedicated applications for any other platforms or devices. That being said, this does not mean that they do not support a whole host of other devices and simply they require the user to undertake some manual configuration to setup their VPN protection; unlike the usual methods of downloading and logging in to an app. This activity is relatively straight forward and supported by online setup guides with clear and easy to follow instructions.

For iOS users, you’ll need to download the ‘OpenVPN Connect’ app from the app store and follow the Trust.Zone tutorial online, and for macOS users, we recommend you download some free Open-source software such as Tunnelblick and then also follow their online step by step guides. For Linux users, you’ll need to launch ‘x-terminal-emulator’ and follow the guides online too.

For those looking at easy access on devices such as the Amazon Firestick or Smart TV, there’s no dedicated app for you guys either but once again… they offer a guide online showing you how to get around this problem.

They do however now feature browser extensions for both Google Chrome and Firefox, mimicking their Windows VPN layout but it does appear the best way for anyone looking to connect to the Trust.Zone network who’s not using Android or Windows would best be configuring a compatible router… it’s just not easy like with many other top quality providers out there!


When it comes to streaming, Trust.Zone will suit most users’ needs with its handy speeds and ability to successfully overcome blocks on the most popular global entertainment channels as well as offering dedicated servers for US Netflix which are clearly labelled inside their VPN applications.

During testing, Trust.Zone successfully overcame the strong Netflix VPN blocks but we did have mixed results when it came to BBC iPlayer. If you’re looking to watch BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK, we advise you to maybe take a look here for better options.


Trust.Zone are a decent choice when it comes to torrenting with unrestricted P2P traffic available across all of its servers but it is maybe more suited to Windows users due to it being the only operating system will the built in VPN kill switch at present. It is possible to torrent on all the other platforms, but we really wouldn’t recommend you do so without a kill switch just in case your VPN connection drops, which in turn would reveal your online activity to your ISP.


We performed numerous speed tests from our London HQ to ensure both local and international connections were up to scratch, and we’re happy to report we achieved some fairly nice results. Whilst they may not be the quickest VPN we’ve reviewed by a considerably long way, their service is certainly fast enough for most users we’re sure.

For local connections, speeds averaged at 87Mbps, and when connecting to servers in Europe, we still achieved an average speed of 79Mbps which isn’t the worst drop we have seen.

Like with all VPNS, for more distant connections such as connecting to the USA from the UK, speed did deteriorate a fair bit, but we racked up average speeds of 53Mbps which is still more than adequate for streaming HD content and downloading large files.


As they say… “Trust.Zone VPN Service makes you invisible and keeps you anonymous”, but how we hear you ask? Well their industry leading standard AES-256 encryption ensures that your true IP address is hidden from your ISP and any other third-party threats at all times, and they provide a variety of leading VPN protocols including our favoured Open VPN as well as IKEv2 and L2TP.

We’re pleased to report that during out testing we didn’t encounter any IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks but we would like to see the addition of the fail-safe VPN kill switch on all platforms in the future other than just Windows which it currently only features on.

Finally, there are no obfuscation tools which would allow users to consistently work around VPN blocks in China and other sensitive locations that block VPN traffic so something to consider if you live in a highly privacy sensitive and government controlled jurisdiction.


I guess this is one of our biggest gripes with the Trust.Zone service at present as whilst their apps are visually acceptable and have some nice enough features like the ‘auto select’ quick connect button and dedicated servers for torrenting and streaming, custom built apps are only available to Android and Windows users currently which is a huge red flag for us with many of the team using Apple based devices.

We’re hopeful that Trust.Zone will move with the times and bring out dedicate applications for other platforms and devices before too long as this is one of the major flaws in their service right now in our opinion.

Customer service

Trust.Zone customer support comes in the form of an emailing ticket system and an abundance of helpful setup guides and online tutorials which will serve most users fairly well. We tested their email support system with multiple queries and received informative responses pretty quickly so no real concerns here.

Sadly at present they do not offer 24/7 live chat support like many other VPN providers but hopefully this is an area Trust.Zone will look to improve on in the not so distant future.

Log policy

A key selling point from Trust.Zone to its potential customers is their black and white promise not to log any user data with their short yet robust policy stating “all our VPN servers around the world ARE NOT storing any log files to keep your privacy safe. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address”. This is critically important to us when considering VPN safety as there is little if any reason why a VPN company should store user data.

In addition to this, Trust.Zone also publishes a daily ‘Warrant Canary’ which users can view to see if the company has ever been subject to any government or security agency requests for data. As of the time of writing they haven’t been, and even if they were, their super strict zero logs policy means no user could ever be personally identifiable should requests be made as no data is stored or collected by Trust.Zone.


Trust.Zone is located in perhaps one of our favourite locations for a VPN provider; the privacy friendly Seychelles, and certainly cannot wait for an invite to tour the office! Aside from being a wonderful setting, the Seychelles operates outside any government data sharing schemes including the Five, Nine and 14 Eyes alliances.

The verdict

Is Trust.Zone the best VPN on the market today? No. Is Trust.Zone worth a consideration if you fancy something a bit different and the price is right? Yes. And most importantly, we can confirm it’s exceptionally safe, imperative to all VPN setups!

As a product, it performed well across all areas with decent speeds; perfect for watching uninterrupted HD streaming services such as Netflix, whilst also offering the ability for users to torrent on all of their servers freely and easily (overlooking the kill switch red flag!).

When it comes to value, it’s really quite competitive; especially when signing up to their longer-term plan. With 5 devices included in the allowance, you should have more than enough to keep you and your family well protected at all times. And even before signing up, there’s a free 3 day trial on offer.

Now for the not so goods… In today’s world, how can they not provide dedicated apps for some of the most popular devices out there? iOS, macOS, Linux, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV etc… their competitors have them so why are Trust.Zone falling so short here? We can only hope they improve their line-up in the coming months.

And then the VPN kill switch. One of the most important additions to any top-level VPN, and they only offer it on their Windows based app? Again, it’s just below par compared with their rivals.

Moving on to other features they are falling short on such as split tunnelling, AdBlocker software, obfuscation technology, their fairly small network of servers or the fact they currently have no 24/7 live chat support. It’s just quite simply not as good an offering as some of the other great VPNs we feature across our site.

That being said, that does not mean we are not happy to recommend Trust.Zone to our users as we certainly are! It’s an affordable product with a proven high-quality security setup and will likely shoot up the CompareMyVPN rankings if it makes some substantial improvements to its service going forward. Starting with more dedicated apps!

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