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HideMyAss review

Last updated on 14/02/2020 by Melvyn and co.


HideMyAss!, part of the of the Avast family (which are one of the largest security companies in the world!), offer its users incredible speeds from their impressive network of servers for a pretty affordable monthly outgoing. It’s ideal for P2P torrenting or watching geo-restricted content, and their apps are beautifully made and highly user friendly.

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  • Insanely fast, reliable severs with up to 278Mbps download speeds
  • Access to over 960+ servers spanning 190+ countries
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer and all other popular streaming sites
  • Military grade AES-256 encryption
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting permitted
  • Protect 5 devices with one account
  • One of the quickest VPNs available
  • Kill switch and DNS leak protection not available on mobile apps
  • Log policy not the best
  • Based in the UK


HideMyAss! (HMA) is an insanely fast VPN provider ideally set up for users wanting to the very best in speeds for streaming geo-restricted HD/4K content such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other popular services and well as P2P torrenting users thanks to its optimised servers delivering reliable and impressive performance.

With a fantastic network of servers 960+ servers located in 280+ locations covering 190+ countries around the world… it’s hugely impressive! They are strategically spread in popular locations so wherever you live or plan on travelling around globe, you can be sure to get incredible speeds from a nearby server.

With their super user-friendly app turned on, your internet browsing activity will be protected by military grade encryption, and their service runs on the preferred Open VPN protocol meaning you’re getting great protection from prying eyes. As long as their logs policy holds up… you’re in safe hands!

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and friendly 24/7 customer support, all contributing to making this a pretty good choice as your next VPN provider. They also offer some pretty good deals when signing up to longer terms!


Plans are available on monthly or yearly (1, 2 or 3) deals. 3-year plans represent the best value for money and are currently on special offer of 77% off when purchased through our website. You can also try before you buy with a free 7-day trial on offer, and all plans come with an up to 30-day money back guarantee.

For payment, HMA currently accepts a wide range of options including most major credit and debit cards (including American Express). They also accept PayPal, UnionPay, Skrill Wallet and Neteller.

1 month plan

$ 11
per month
  • Billed $11.99 every month

1 year plan

$ 6
per month
  • Billed $83.88 every year

2 year plan

$ 4
per month
  • Billed $119.76 every 2 years

3 year plan

$ 2
per month
  • Billed $107.64 every 3 years
SAVE 77%


HMA offers a tremendously large network of servers to its users with 960+ located in 280+ locations covering 190+ countries. Included in this are some of the most exotic and remote locations possible, venturing to places where other providers simply do not go! The major benefit of this… speed isn’t compromised!

Because of it’s market leading speeds, HMA is a fantastic choice for streaming, allowing users to access all the content they wish without any limitations including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, live sporting events and other popular streaming sources. Geo-restrictions are unblocked with a click of a button! With P2P file sharing allowed on all their servers, this unrivalled speed means their service is also a great choice for torrenting.

Military grade encryption paired with advanced security features such as DNS leak protection and a kill switch will keep users safe online (not available on all devices), but it’s worth noting however their data logging policy is a little longer than the best out there and hampered by their UK jurisdiction. For this reason, if you’re after a completely zero logs VPN… you may want to check out an alternative provider found on our site, but for many users this won’t be too much of an issue!

Platforms and devices

HMA lets you protect up to 5 devices with just the one account ensuring all your internet connected devices can be protected. Whether you’re at home, in work, on public wi-fi or travelling abroad, HMA have you covered. Their user-friendly apps can be installed on macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Unlike many providers there aren’t any specific browser extensions for the likes of Chrome, Firefox or Opera, and at present, they don’t currently provide a dedicated Firestick app which is slightly disappointing. For this reason, users would benefit from configuring their router directly with the HMA VPN, protecting their entire wi-fi network with one simply sweep.


With its insanely quick speeds and tremendous server availability, HMA is a brilliant choice when it comes to streaming. With dedicated servers labelled specifically for streaming, users won’t need to spend anytime searching for the right one to connect to, and unlike a lot of other VPN providers, they consistently unblock the likes of US Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other popular sources. It’s perfect for watching geo-restricted HD/4K content!


HMA is an ideal choice for users who want the protection of a VPN with all servers optimised for torrenting coupled with great speeds, all whilst fully concealed from their ISPs eyes. It’s good to know that HMA does come with the all-important VPN kill switch to keep users safe on Windows, macOS and Linux in the event your VPN loses connection.


HMA delivers uncompromising speeds when using their VPN putting them way up there with the top providers in this category! Their user-friendly apps will automatically suggest the quickest and least congested server based on your location, so they take care of the hard part for you!

During testing from our offices in London, local connection download speeds maxed around 278Mbps. This speed really did surprise us and puts them up there with the very best for speed! When we connected to neighbours France, speed did drop a little to around 215Mbps, but this is still unbelievably quick, and finally, connecting to the US saw speeds fall to about 69Mbs which is still more than sufficient for most user’s needs.

Their low latency means gamers can really benefit using HMA, plus with upload speeds reaching around 120Mbps for us, P2P file sharing and torrenting on this service will be one of the best around.


HMA deploys industry standard AES-256 encryption paired with our preferred Open VPN protocol ensuring all online data and communications are kept fully secure. Advanced features such as DNS leak protection and the must have VPN kill switch are also available but disappointingly, the VPN kill switch is not currently built in to their mobile apps. They also support Point-To-Point Tunnelling (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunnelling (L2TP) so there’s a fair bit of flexibility with their service.

It is worth noting that HMA may not be the most secure VPN depending on your individual needs due to both its log policy and jurisdiction so please continue to read below for more information on these areas.


The HMA apps are a real pleasure to use from a user point of view. Take away the disappointment of the mobile apps missing the pretty important VPN kill switch and they are pretty perfect. Visually they are pretty, and they are super easy to navigate! If you are stepping into the VPN world for the first time, they certainly are a good choice based on app usability alone.

Once inside the app, users are greeted with 3 nice big quick connect buttons which offer complete no-frills protection, as well the standard location select listing which shows all the servers in the 190+ countries plus those highlighted for streaming. There’s even a favourites section where users can add to over time which we feel is a really nice addition.

Customer service

HMA has live chat available 24/7 meaning you can receive great customer service and technical support in the unlikely event you should need it any time of day. They also have a support section on their website with some really handy videos, as well an online form users can fill in and receive a timely response back. We tested out their customer service via live chat and over the form submission and received more than acceptable levels of care from both a personal level as well as a knowledge base level.

Log policy

When it comes to their logs policy, it’s a little longer than most… but it’s reassuring to know that they do not actually store users online or browsing activity. Their current policy states they collect connection timestamps, the amount of data used during a session, the subnet of your original IP, the IP address of your chosen server, and finally the licence ID. They state that this information is stored for 30 days before being deleted and HMA assure us this is to improve their services and prevent illegal user activity.

If you are looking for a very minimal or zero logs VPN then you should look at an alternative.


HMA is located in the UK which clearly isn’t the most sought-after destination for data privacy! The UK has strict privacy laws and allows law enforcement agencies to issue warrants and force the handover of data should they require this. This combined with their log policy may be a bit of a concern on first reading, but in reality, a day-to-day user isn’t going to be troubled by this so it isn’t really a major concern in our view.

The verdict

With its insanely fast speeds aided by its fantastic network of worldwide servers, you’ll be pushed to find anyone better in this regard! It’s an ideal choice for streaming geo-restricted content such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, torrenting, general internet browsing and keeping you secure on public wi-fi, and is a pretty solid VPN too when it comes to security.

If you can look past some of its minor weak points at present like its mobile app not being protected by a VPN kill switch, zero support for online web browsers or the fact it doesn’t provide a dedicated Firestick app, you’ll be pretty happy with what Hide My Ass! have to offer… especially at the price they offer it at!

Their apps are very easy to use making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced VPN users, and the fact they offer a free 7-day trial as well as a 30-day money back guarantee, it’s a pretty good offering.

Melvyn and the team at had a good all round experience with Hide My Ass! and we can happily recommend their service to our readers!

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