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What is a VPN?
VPN stands for virtual private network and is a piece of software which acts as a secure connection to protect your online privacy and browsing. A VPN app can be downloaded to your tablet, laptop or mobile device to protect your digital privacy.
A VPN acts as an encrypted tunnel. All internet traffic and browsing data goes through this ‘tunnel’ in the form of a remote server, masking your IP address and therefore hiding your real location. Without a VPN, your online activity is routed via your internet service provider (ISP). A VPN encrypts your IP address meaning your activity can’t be monitored or stored giving you increased online security and privacy protection. A VPN app can be used on your mobile, laptop or mobile device to change your IP address.
There are many benefits to using a VPN which we’ve summarised below. A VPN allows the user to:
With a wide choice of VPN services on the market it can be confusing and difficult to choose the right VPN service for you. We have tried to make the process as simple as possible. Our team of experts have rigorously tested and reviewed a number of VPN companies on the market and all you need to know is what you need your VPN for. Looking to access more TV shows and movies on Netflix? Want to watch the latest series on BBC iPlayer? Trying to unblock Facebook or WhatsApp abroad? Then we have the right VPN for you! Simply take a look at our various review pages to find the best VPN for your needs.
We recommend having a browse of our website to find a in depth reviews of the best VPN providers out there. Once you have decided which suits your needs, simply click on the link from our website and continue to purchase your chosen VPN. You may also benefit from exclusive special offers found nowhere else and receive the best rates online by purchasing your VPN from one of our links.
We only support a handful of free VPN companies and those not listed should potentially be avoided. A VPN network costs a lot of money to run in terms of having an extensive and advanced server network so these companies aren’t keen to provide a service for no return. A free VPN is unlikely to give you a large data allowance and fast usage speeds, and clearly if something is free, in most cases, there is a catch! This could include; adverts, the selling of user data and logging your activity. This goes against the fundamentals of a VPN as they should be 100% trustworthy with your data and protect your online privacy. There are many free VPNs available, so we recommend you visit and read over our free VPN guide found here. However, we do suggest using one of our recommended premium VPNs as you will get a much better product overall.
In most cases around the world… yes! Having a VPN for personal or business use is widely adopted across the globe and are totally legal. There are some exceptions where VPNs are illegal such as in Iraq, North Korea, Turkmenistan and Belarus. You should also be cautious using non approved VPNs in China, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Oman, and Iran.
It’s important your VPN has strict logging and privacy orientated polices for your online protection and safety. Some VPNs aren’t safe at all and should be avoided at all costs. We consider all the VPNs shown on this site as safe and wouldn’t have a relationship with any VPN provider who doesn’t have the user’s privacy at the forefront of their activities. Please visit our best privacy VPN guide here for more information.
This will depend on the actual VPN you decide to use. A VPN will generally slow your connection down slightly as your connection will be via an additional server. That said, the top 5 recommended VPNs on our website have been extensively tested and most will deliver the best speeds in the industry. You may not even notice any difference at all when using the best VPN providers. Our advice is always to connect to the nearest server location to you physically.
All of your online devices such as PC, Mac, Router, Android, iPhone, iPad, Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc should be protected by a VPN. Without one, your ISP can monitor all of your online activity. A VPN is very easy to install and in most cases have well designed applications that can be directly installed. What’s more, most if not all of the premium VPN providers that we recommend allow you to protect multiple devices meaning you will only ever need one VPN to cover all of your needs.
Yes. Many torrent websites are blocked by ISP’s to stop you downloading large files and such activity is easily monitored. You 100% need VPN protection when torrenting so we recommend you view our best torrenting VPN guide by clicking here for more information.
Yes. Assuming you live in or are outside of the UK on holiday! BBC iPlayer content is geo-restricted to the UK only. Overseas users are unable to access BBC iPlayer without a VPN. We recommend the best VPNs to use with BBC iPlayer in our guide found here.
Netflix is popular the world over but despite this, certain content is licensed to particular locations meaning not all users can benefit from some of the best content. US Netflix has the most extensive libraries and many top shows and movies are geo-restricted to there. If you use a VPN you will be able to unblock other Netflix libraries. Please take a read over our full guide found here for more information.
Yes. We have many specific country VPN guides as certain VPNs work better in certain locations. Also, in some high-risk jurisdictions, VPNs may be banned. When choosing a VPN, we recommend selecting one with server locations in or very close to the country you are in.
Yes. In most cases, if certain websites or applications are blocked by government censorship laws, a VPN will help you evade blocks on websites whilst keeping you safe from detection. For high-risk countries such as China and the UAE, we recommend you read our guides for more information. Not all VPNs are created equal and if bypassing government censorship is what you need, you should only use one of our recommend premium VPN providers found on the relevant country page of your needs.


Who are we?
We are group of VPN industry experts and believe that individuals should be protected online as well as being given full internet freedom around the globe. We are a UK based specialist VPN resource company bringing the very best VPN providers to one place.
We work closely with a wide range of providers, many of whom aren’t even featured on our website. We set out aiming to be the go to website for the premium VPN providers. All the VPNs on our website we use personally and for business. They have all been rigorously tested to ensure they do as advertised, mainly keeping users safe, by effectively encrypting IP addresses and keeping users online activity private.
No. We work with our top providers on an affiliate basis. All you need to do is select your preferred VPN and you will be directed to that company’s website to complete your purchase.

No! Absolutely not. We are an impartial resource and write open and honest reviews about VPN companies. This includes any bad points that we are aware of for full transparency. We do have affiliate relationships with certain providers meaning if you decide to buy a VPN via our website, we may in some cases receive a commission from the VPN provider. For more information, please see our affiliate links page by clicking here.

Only if you choose to be on our mailing list or ask us a question. We fully comply with GDPR and in most cases we have no idea who are specific users are and don’t ask for any data. Please visit our privacy policy page by clicking here for more information on user privacy.

Yes we use very few cookies and nothing that would enable us to identify a specific user. The main purpose is so we can see how people interact with our website so we can constantly improve our service. Please visit our cookie policy page by clicking here for more information.