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Affiliate links

Read CompareMyVPN’s summary on affiliates and how it works for our company.

1. What does it mean?

When a website owner displays an advertisement (such as a promotional link) on its website for a brand or merchant and is paid for the performance of the advertisement, this is known as affiliate marketing.

2. How does it work?

When a CompareMyVPN user visits one of the VPN providers found on our website, it’s highly likely that they will have done so via one of our affiliate links. If the user clicks on an affiliate link and they then go ahead and sign up for a VPN subscription, CompareMyVPN may receive commission for referring a new customer. Not all affiliates offer compensation for the referral but by accepting, this allows the company to continue to provide a free service to its users.

3. Why do you accept referral compensation?

Accepting referral compensation is normal across nearly every comparison/review website across the internet, and without these payments, we wouldn’t be able to pay our every day running costs and the staff who help keep this awesome website going.

Referral compensation is only negotiable with certain providers and only comes into affect once we’ve undertaken a full product review so that money does not influence our rating. The referral compensation we receive may in some circumstances influence how and where the companies product/link sits on our website.

4. Why have you not reviewed all VPN providers on the market?

We’ve only just joined the VPN comparison party so we’re still in the process of testing, typing and rating all the different suppliers out there. Once complete, we have every intention to put up the best comparison articles found on the internet so bare with us a little longer please and thank you!

5. How are you different to other comparison websites?​

Each and every VPN we test here at the CompareMyVPN HQ gets rigorously tested over a series of days (if not weeks!) by some of the markets leading experts.

Our number one goal is to provide our readers with the best, most thorough, up to date VPN comparison reviews out there so you can buy with confidence and know that you’ll be staying safe online.